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Why Use Same Day Food & Beverage Delivery Service – Benefits for Businesses

Finding a reliable express delivery partner in the current times is a big challenge. Particularly for businesses from fast-paced industries like food and beverage. A crucial area of the economy, the food and beverage sector includes all activities from farming and food production to retail and food services. It is highly dependent on an efficient supply chain for the movement of its many perishable items. Only about half of all the food consumed by the UK is locally produced, whereas over a quarter of all the food consumed comes from the EU. Hence, the food and beverage industry is heavily dependent on express delivery partners for the safe and timely delivery of materials and ingredients. Hence, a dedicated same day delivery service is the best logistical solution to ensure this.

Quick Same Day Delivery

Food and beverage businesses need to move several perishable items and ingredients with short shelf lives between food suppliers, storage facilities, production and processing units, restaurants, and retail shops, urgently to avoid wastage and damage. The only way food and beverage businesses can ensure efficient and safe transportation of these items is by using a same day delivery service. Whether it is specially packaged products or items that require specific temperature-controlled storage and transportation same day food and beverage courier services can provide convenient and timely collection and delivery of all kinds of food industry packages.

Reduced Wastage

Food items and ingredients are highly perishable and easily spoilt if not stored and transported in temperature-controlled vehicles. One of the defining factors that set same day food and beverage courier partners apart from normal delivery services is the availability of suitable temperature-controlled vehicles and special collection and delivery staff who can ensure food items and other perishable items are collected efficiently and delivered in the same condition as they were collected. These factors make them invaluable in minimising spillage and wastage during the transportation of food and beverage consignments.

Quick Booking Facilities

Another feature that makes same day delivery partners vital for businesses, is the quick online booking facility. Businesses can use this feature to quickly book a collection of any urgent consignment, and have it delivered to the destination on the same day, regardless of where it is in the country. Many of the top same day delivery providers also offer a Scheduled Delivery option for regular deliveries, to make it easy for businesses to transport their regular, time-critical consignments.

Why Choose Speedel for Same Day Food and Beverage Deliveries

Speedel specialises in providing same day food and beverage courier services and offers all the features mentioned above and more. Our vast experience in the sector ensures that your business gets a reliable and knowledgeable service every step of the way. We will ensure that your time-critical deliveries reach their intended destination in the UK, safely and on time. Speedel offers many dedicated services to the food and beverage sector, including real-time tracking, personalised business dashboard, pre-agreed daily and weekly contracts, and temperature-controlled vehicles on an ad-hoc basis. Our emergency courier service is available 24x7, 365 days a year to provide maximum flexibility, reliability, and efficiency to businesses in the food industry. To partner with us for your food and beverage consignments, give us a call on 0333 772 2021 or email us at


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