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Why the Healthcare Industry Uses Same Day Delivery Services

The healthcare industry is a fast-moving sector and one of the most vital areas of our economy. It comprises the NHS, medical labs, medical tech and equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and many other crucial players. They all need an efficient logistic solution to deliver their equipment or samples safely and swiftly. A reliable delivery service plays a critical role in ensuring that medical facilities maintain maximum efficiency and timeliness. Along with safe storage and transport, a professional healthcare courier service must also offer more. Including super-fast delivery of sensitive medical samples and equipment, to avoid damages and delays which could be life-threatening. That's why the healthcare industry uses same day delivery services. These services are the preferred logistics partners of healthcare businesses and institutions. 

Faster Delivery, Better Health

Advanced technology has made it possible to deliver effective healthcare solutions to patients and hospitals. This is allowing medical authorities to treat patients on time and save lives. Same day delivery services are also helping medical research institutes conduct life-saving research. They do this by avoiding unwanted delays that can hamper their progress. Since these services are delivered directly at the patient’s doorstep or the hospital or institute, they provide unparalleled convenience to everyone involved.

Minimum Financial Investment

For any healthcare provider, finding an appropriate logistics solution is vital to improving its efficiency and reliability. However, everything from hiring a personal delivery driver and getting a personal vehicle to using third-party transport contractors requires substantial investment. On the other hand, using same day courier services for medical and healthcare deliveries requires minimum financial investment and reduces the burden of responsibility from your service team.

Fewer Damages

Fragility and shelf life are critical factors when it comes to medical equipment and samples. If handled by inexperienced and incompetent delivery people, there is a significant risk of damage and expiration. This can lead to increased costs and low customer satisfaction. Experienced same-day healthcare courier service providers have the expertise and experience to collect, store and transport fragile medical equipment and perishable samples safely and efficiently, with minimal or no damage. They have access to temperature-controlled vehicles and suitable packaging equipment that is tailor-made for medical equipment and samples. It makes them ideal for improving cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Same Day Delivery Services

Since most same-day delivery services work on a client-to-client basis, there is very little chance of a mix up of samples. They put all their resources and attention on delivering individual deliveries and businesses get a personalised delivery service that is much more flexible, trackable, and reliable.

There are several great reasons why the healthcare industry uses same day delivery services. But with so many players offering the same service to healthcare businesses at different costs and quality, it is crucial to choose the one that fulfils your business needs. Speedel is an efficient same day courier service who have helped collect and transport sensitive medical specimens and equipment for many healthcare businesses in the past. We practice the best ethical standards and are completely committed to delivering excellent customer service and investing in innovation and technology. Speedel can not only save you time but also money and other resources through our time-critical delivery solutions. If you are interested in partnering with us for your healthcare deliveries, give us a call on 0333 772 2021 or email us at


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