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Using a Same Day Courier for Business Growth

Using a Same Day Courier for Business Growth

Does your business use a same day delivery service? If not, why not? In a world where everything is instant, from your Saturday night takeaway to the opinions of friends on social media, there really is no reason to be leaving clients or business associates waiting days to receive a delivery. More and more businesses across the UK are making use of same day couriers for a whole host of different reasons, so even if you're not using them, your competition could well be. Here are our top reasons for embracing a same day delivery service in your business operations. We even believe 60-minute collection times should be an industry standard.

Speed up business processes

Whether it's mechanical parts or a sensitive legal document, speeding up delivery means your business processes can become more efficient too. Productivity is a big issue in the UK, and having important items delivered to where they need to be more quickly, could improve overall business outputs and time efficiency.

Creates a better impression

Leaving a client waiting is never a good thing. Being able to assure a client that they can expect to receive a parcel that very same day, at a particular time, creates a more professional image and will keep them satisfied. Using a same day courier for business could increase the chances of them working with you again in future.

Using a courier frees up your workforce

Many businesses rely on staff making deliveries. However, this is often a costly expense considering that the individual making the delivery could likely be put to better use in the business. What's more, any hold ups from traffic are likely to keep the individual away from the business even longer. Using a courier means your staff can stay on the premises and keep the business moving.

It's cheaper than you think

One of the most common reasons for not using a same day courier is cost. Many business owners think same day couriers are expensive and should be reserved for only the most urgent items. Here at Speedel, we've worked hard to compile a competitive pricing structure that is affordable for businesses. It should be noted that while a same day courier may be slightly more expensive than a regular service, the benefits outweigh any increase in cost.

It's more secure and more reliable

Same day couriers such as Speedel offer dedicated delivery as standard, meaning your consignment is the only one being transported in that particular vehicle. It also means the driver isn't making multiple deliveries, so there's less chance of your delivery being held up or delayed.

Ready to make the switch?

There you have it. What's not to love about same day delivery? Give us a call on 0333 772 2021 to discuss your requirements today and make sure you get ahead of the competition or open a business account below. OPEN A BUSINESS ACCOUNT TODAY


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