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Time To Review Your Business Courier?

While it may not sound hugely important, let’s think about this for a moment. Your courier often acts as a vital bridge between you and your customers or clients, delivering the products or documents on your behalf.

Bad experiences with a courier can no doubt reflect negatively on your business, so ask yourself the following questions:

Can you book a courier quickly online?

You really should be able to book your delivery quickly and easily online. It’s 2021 after all.

Are they available 24/7, 365 days a year?

Even if you don’t plan to use them around the clock, or 365 days a year, it’s sure useful to have the option. Having a courier that operates around the clock and on any given day means you can take flexibility and convenience to another level for your own customers.

Do they acknowledge your order and respond quickly?

No business can afford to be hanging around waiting for a courier service to confirm an order. Likewise, you don’t want to leave your own clients hanging around waiting for you to confirm delivery.

Are they cost-efficient?

It’s always worth running a quick price check to ensure you’re getting a competitive rate when it comes to courier services. Of course, the cheapest options aren’t always the best, so keep this in mind. Get in touch for a competitive quote!

Is your courier fully insured?

Don’t assume your shipments have the protection you require. Check with your courier that they are fully insured and check out whether they offer added insurance options for sensitive or valuable consignments.

Does your courier convey the right image for your business?

Image is everything, so your courier should operate a fleet of vehicles that are kept clean and presentable. Likewise, drivers should dress appropriately and convey a professional image.

Do YOU need to keep calling THEM for updates?

Running a business is busy enough without having the extra hassle of needing to follow up with your courier every couple of hours for an update. They should provide you with a quick response to your order and communicate with you in a timely manner when it comes to keeping you updated.

Can you track your consignments online?

With so much great technology on offer, you should be able to track your parcels every step of the way. This enables you to update the recipient and also provides peace of mind for those sensitive or time critical consignments.

Do they provide timely POD (proof-of-delivery)?

Let’s face it, you want to know that the items you are sending have arrived safely. For this reason, ensure your courier offers instant POD – ideally to your email inbox.

Are they specialists in your industry?

Here at Speedel, we're a specialist B2B courier. We choose to specialise in business services and a number of industry specialisms. This means we understand your operations and can provide the very best solution for you.

Answered no to any of the above? If so, give us a call today to see how Speedel could make the perfect courier partner for your business. Call 0333 772 2021 or email

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