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Speedel is the Best Same Day Delivery Partner for Food & Beverage Businesses – Here’s Why

The food and beverage sector is the largest area of the UK’s manufacturing industry. It contributes approximately £29 billion to the economy, which is more than other industries like automotive and aerospace. SMEs form a major part of the food and beverage sector which includes almost 11K businesses. And all of these businesses are connected with their suppliers, production units, and retail partners, through an efficient supply chain network that includes dedicated transportation companies and express delivery service providers. Due to the nature of the consignments, businesses require dedicated same day food and beverage delivery partners. That’s where Speedel makes a difference!

We are a reliable and efficient same day food and beverage delivery service that offers unparalleled solutions to this fast-paced industry. We understand the importance of swift and timely deliveries for food and drinks businesses and have tailored our courier services to meet all their requirements. Whether it is frozen or refrigerated food items or individual ingredients, Speedel can provide temperature-controlled vehicles for your consignments whenever you need them. 

Why Choose Speedel For Same Day Food & Beverage Courier Service

At Speedel, we constantly seek innovation in the way we carry and deliver goods and in the way we provide our services. One of the most crucial elements of delivering consignments for the food and beverage industry is the ability to provide the right vehicles and the right people to deliver their shipments. Speedel can help with both! We invest in advanced technology, temperature-controlled vehicles, and trained and experienced delivery personnel to give you the best same day food and beverage courier service. 

Our intuitive online booking system allows you to book your deliveries quickly and even schedule them if and when you need to transport your food consignments regularly. That’s not all. Speedel also gives you access to your personalised dashboard for efficient management and tracking of your deliveries and transactions. Add to that our GPS “track and trace” feature and immediate proof-of-delivery emails, and you have everything you need to ensure that your food shipment gets to your desired location in the UK, safely and on time. All of these features ensure that food and beverage businesses can keep track of their consignments at every step of the journey and plan their operations accordingly.  

If you are searching for a professional same day food and beverage delivery partner in Leicestershire you can trust, look no further than Speedel! Our B2B same day courier services around the UK, for those requiring dedicated, time-critical deliveries are ideal for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Whether it is ad-hoc temperature-controlled frozen or refrigerated food deliveries or scheduled collections and pre-agreed daily and weekly contract runs, Speedel can work around your requirements to ensure you get the best service in return for your investment and trust in our company. Get in touch with us on 0333 772 2021 or visit our website to learn more about our express delivery services. 


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