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Speedel Listed in CCS COVID19 Catalogue of Suppliers

Speedel has been approved and added to the Crown Commercial Service's COVID19 Catalogue of Suppliers, a resource put together to help match offers of support with urgent needs in the public sector. The catalogue provides a handy resource for anyone in the public sector seeking out goods and services during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Leicestershire-based same day courier has been helping widely across the East Midlands since the lockdown, delivering essential items and food packages to the most vulnerable on behalf of companies, organisations and charities. The company has been recognised by local charity Leicestershire Cares, with a #TogetherWeCare award nomination from the charity's CEO himself.

How it works

The government has received thousands of offers from suppliers across the UK to provide goods and services to the public sector to aid in the response to COVID-19.

Given the nature of the situation CCS put this catalogue together to help match offers of support with urgent needs, and all the suppliers who are in the catalogue have been contacted by CCS to provide more detail on what they have to offer if necessary.

Each of the goods and services offered has been categorised by what is on offer and the region it is offered in. Government buyers will then be able to use the catalogue to find suppliers who can match their needs, results can be filtered via the dropdown menus or by searching for keywords. The supplier will then be contacted by the buyer directly or by CCS.

C2677 is Speedel's supplier/offer ID in the catalogue.

To discuss Speedel's charity partner programme or any of our other services, call 0333 772 2021 or email


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