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How Technology Has Changed Courier Services

In many ways, technology has made the world feel a smaller place, allowing people and businesses to connect instantly no matter where they may be. The world wide web, social media and advances in tech have improved the day-to-day processes in a number of industries – notably, the same day courier services industry. Here’s how:

Receive an instant quote

Gone are the days of endlessly searching through phone books and newspaper listings, only to have to call each courier for a quote. A quick online search usually produces an abundance of same day courier services with the large majority either providing an online pricing page or offering a quick instant quote based on your requirements. Being able to get a quick quote means you can get on with running your business! You can request a quote from Speedel using this handy online form.

Cuts down on paperwork!

Booking a same day courier service online means you’ll be able to save any necessary online labels, receipts, and collection and delivery information from your electronic devices. Not only is this great for the environment, but it’s also good for businesses looking to make their processes more efficient.

More convenient for all involved

Having a specified delivery slot is much more convenient for all involved, avoiding the frustrating situation of an 8 to 10-hour time frame. With a courier service, you’ll likely have a specified collection and delivery time slot. Speedel collects same day courier consignments within 60 minutes. This is especially valuable when sending time critical or confidential packages and is important for sectors such as automotive, aerospace, print & display, and more.

Accurate tracking

Being able to accurately track consignments is perhaps one of the greatest advantages technology offers the courier sector. Here at Speedel for example, senders can track their parcels every step of the way with handy time stamps logged at each stage. Tracking is particularly important for a same day courier company serving many UK locations like us.

Confirmation of delivery

Instant proof of delivery can be emailed directly to the sender as soon as the recipient has signed for their parcel. Electronic signatures can be captured and stored by the sender too, for added security.

More efficient international customs processing

New technology has made posting current customs information easier resulting in less customs charges and delays. This information includes restricted items for a particular destination and advice on the correct paperwork required for each country. Here at Speedel, we keep right up-to-date on all changing customs requirements and current affairs like Brexit legislation updates, so you don't have to.


Technology has not only made same day courier services more convenient but has also made them more affordable. By improving the overall efficiency of the delivery process, cost savings can be passed on to both the sender and recipient.

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Social media has become a hugely influential sounding board for businesses and consumers wishing to share their experiences online. Genuine, verified reviews are a great way to view the experiences of others, and many consumers and businesses won't deal with a business unless they can read reviews beforehand. Such reviews make it easier for you to check out a prospective same day courier and make your choices based on the feedback from others.

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