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Same Day Delivery in the eCommerce Sector

Same day delivery in the ecommerce sector has gone from the revolutionary to the expected in a relatively short amount of time. Customers now expect ecommerce brands to provide rapid delivery and are prepared to take their loyalty elsewhere if they're left waiting.

What exactly is "same day delivery"?

Put simply, it is the ability to send and receive orders within 24 hours immediately after an order has been placed. It's now fairly commonplace among online retailers, with the big players like Amazon even promising delivery within 1-2 hours.

The advantages of same day delivery for ecommerce

Ecommerce and retail is all about providing satisfaction for the customer. Providing same day delivery replicates as much as possible the most rewarding part of the offline retail experience.

The competitive advantage

While same day delivery is largely expected by the consumer, it is not offered by all online retailers. That means there's still an opportunity for ecommerce stores to stand apart from their competition and potentially steal market share.

Business opportunities and consumer convenience

Many orders placed online through ecommerce stores are done so on the basis of urgency. While some may schedule their purchases thoroughly and in advance, the majority require their purchases quickly. By offering same day delivery, you're essentially becoming an online convenience store.

Affiliation tools

Large online retailers often place an entrance barrier to their most efficient delivery options. An example of this is Amazon's requirement that a user subscribes to Prime in order to benefit from express delivery or free return. Other retailers and e-commerce stores can counter this by providing same day delivery options without the barriers. This will help to eliminate points of friction for those customers sensitive about their data and wishing to make a quick or one-off purchase.

The disadvantages

The price of same day delivery has traditionally been a barrier for some e-commerce retailers. The cost often has to be passed on to the consumer, something that makes e-commerce store owners nervous. However, recent research has shown that many consumers are willing to pay more for same day delivery. In addition, same day courier companies are now providing much greater value for money and making the process quicker and easier. Ultimately, the advantages and benefits for business outweigh this slightly increased cost.

Choosing the right same day deliver partner

Finding the right same day courier firm to partner with your ecommerce business is essential for success. It's vital to find a courier partner that reflects your own brand values, times of business, consumer need, budget and geographical location. Here at Speedel, we are a trusted partner for many e-commerce businesses. We offer a 24/7, 365 day service, and enable them to react and deliver for their customers as and when required. Where a company isn't yet ready to invest in drivers, vans, and tracking software, we provide a convenient extension to their business.
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