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Same Day Couriers for the Healthcare Sector

Same Day Couriers for the Healthcare Sector

While it may sound slightly dramatic, same day couriers provide a vital service to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. From the transportation of organs and blood to the important transportation of patient documents or x-rays, deliveries are made all day every day across the UK relating to health. Without reliable delivery services, the healthcare sector would slow down and patients potentially put at risk. Whether for the private healthcare sector or NHS, the requirements of a same day courier are largely the same. Here, we explore how a same day courier supports the important work of healthcare professionals. Fun fact - If you needed any further convincing of the size of this industry, the NHS employs around 1.7 million healthcare professionals. That makes it the fifth-largest employer in the world.

Replenishment and restocking of PPE

Keeping hospitals, surgeries, laboratories and other medical institutions stocked with PPE is a never-ending task, so reliable and regular same day deliveries ensure establishments get what they need, when they need it, to continue their work safely.

Hospital consumables and equipment delivery

It's not just traditional hospitals that require regular replenishment of consumables and equipment. Dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and many other specialists use a vast amount of products in order to look after their patients. The amount of consumables may depend on the time of year and is subject to a whole host of variables, so it's important to have a same day courier that can adapt to this flexible need.

Patient records and x-rays

Where a patient has been transferred, or a second opinion is required, patient records and copies of x-rays may be required at a different location. Same day couriers are extremely useful in safely transporting these records where they need to be, ultimately helping medical professionals to review the records without delay.

Pharmacy to clinic delivery

Pharmacists support the work of clinics right across the country and provide a vital role in the UK's communities. Where a pharmacy needs to deliver to a clinic, residential home or other establishments, a same day courier can be used to facilitate this important transportation need. A courier can also help to deliver to pharmacies, keeping their shelves well-stocked with important medicines and products.

Clinical trial samples

Research is at the heart of everything the healthcare profession does, and clinical trials are hugely important in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and illness. Same day couriers can help to deliver clinical trial samples to laboratories, and also help with the safe transportation of results and findings. -- Speedel prides itself on offering a reliable and much-valued same day courier service to the healthcare sector, and we've gained the trust of numerous medical establishments. Our quick booking service as well as GPS tracking system means the healthcare sector can depend on us to deliver what they need, when they need it most. Put simply, we are an important cog in a vital wheel, enabling healthcare professionals to serve their patients in the best way possible. OPEN A BUSINESS ACCOUNT TODAY  


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