Healthcare and Medical Courier Services

Speedel is a specialist same day medical courier company, providing urgent delivery services around the clock for medical professionals and support functions working within the medical sector. We provide solutions that assist NHS Trusts, GP surgeries, pathology labs, private healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, and PPE suppliers.

Our healthcare heroes on the frontline do an amazing job, supported by a labyrinth of suppliers, organisations and networks across the UK. This supply chain is often the most critical of them all, with delays risking the health and lives of patients or delaying research and innovation.

We’ll work as your single point of contact coordinating the process on your behalf and our strategic expertise will ensure your time-critical consignments reach their intended destination safely and swiftly. Our drivers will collect your shipment within 60 minutes and you’ll be able to track what you send using our track and trace technology. For regular scheduled shipments, you can book in just a few clicks direct from your online dashboard.

You’ll receive instant proof of delivery upon arrival and dedicated delivery is offered as standard, so only your items will be carried on our vehicles at any one time. As a specialist same day medical courier, we’re here for you around the clock working 24/7 and 365.

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    Our medical courier services are particularly useful for the following requirements:

    • Urgent delivery services for NHS Trusts, GP surgeries, laboratories, private healthcare facilities and more
    • Time-critical deliveries across the UK for PPE supplies, medicines, medical documents, research and test results
    • Medical equipment including devices, scanners and consumables
    • Contract runs across public and private hospital trusts
    • When you need dedicated delivery and 24/7, 365 coverage

    Excellent service! Great Value for money and will most definitely use their service again.

    Donna Brown – Healthcare Sector


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