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Same Day Courier Service For Government & Public Sector Bodies

Special same day courier service for government and public sector bodies to ensure the safe and swift transportation of vital packages and documents anywhere to and from the UK.

The government and public sector organisations play vital roles in the smooth and efficient functioning of the wider economy. Whether your organisation is part of the local council or works at the national level, there is bound to be excessive documentation and paperwork involved, most of which is often sensitive and confidential. While most documents can be emailed to the intended persons, some need to be transported as hard copies to avoid leaks and security breaches.

That is where reliable same day couriers like Speedel are needed to support the government and public sector bodies.

Speedel is a leading same day courier that works with several government organisations to deliver their time-critical, often classified packages and documents to their intended destination anywhere in the UK.

Whether they are sensitive documents, logs, records, parcels, or larger packages, Speedel is the only same day delivery partner you need to transport your vital consignments. Apart from maintaining complete confidentiality, we offer a swift 60-minute collection and safe, same day delivery of the shipment to all public sector and government businesses, both local and national. Our services are ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) compliant and tailored to meet the urgent requirements of government organisations.

Speedel offers the best features and services to our government and public sector clients. We do not use any middle agents and are your single point of contact for coordinating the process on your behalf from start to finish. Moreover, we are fully insured and offer dedicated delivery as standard, so only your consignment is carried at any one time, ensuring its complete security. Speedel also gives your organisation the convenience to schedule regular deliveries or book ad-hoc deliveries based on any urgent requirements. Finally, our innovative dashboard and track and trace feature allows you to track your delivery at every step using real-time tracking and sends you instant proof of delivery upon completing the job.
We are the preferred same day couriers of government and public sector businesses, thanks to the many benefits we offer, such as:

  • Urgent courier services including the time-critical collection and drop-off between national, regional, and local offices.
  • Complete confidentiality and safety of classified documents and packages.
  • Multiple nationwide deliveries at a time to ensure synchronisation between different offices.
  • Daily and weekly scheduled deliveries across the UK and Europe.
  • 24×7 collection and same day delivery guarantee.
  • Intelligent dashboard and easy online booking.

Need reliable same day couriers for your time-critical government consignments? Look no further than Speedel. Find out more about how you can partner with us for your urgent delivery needs, by calling us on 0333 772 2021 or emailing us at

Same day Courier Service

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    Same day Courier Service

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