Reduce the risk of loss and damage to your consignments by using a same day courier

Dedicated delivery, reduce damage and loss

There are many great reasons to choose a same day courier – convenience is just one of them. Having your parcels collected and delivered that very same day can help you exceed client expectations and transport important or urgent documentation to where it needs to be. All this can take place while you get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

Urgent and important parcels are often extremely valuable, whether in financial, legal or operational terms. For this reason, it’s important to enlist the services of a professional and fully insured courier. It’s also important to know what other parcels will be carried alongside yours, and how the delivery company mitigates against damage or loss.

While many couriers claim to provide ‘dedicated delivery’, their vehicles are often carrying multiple items for different clients. This means items can take longer to arrive at their intended destination, can potentially be delivered at the wrong address, and can become damaged in transit.

Here at Speedel we provide dedicated delivery as standard. This means our vehicles only carry the goods of one particular client. This drastically reduces the chances of items being lost or damaged, decreases transit time, and lessens the chance of parcels being delivered to an incorrect address.

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We’ve even added a vehicle guide on our booking system so you can ensure the correct van is selected each time you book. We believe our same day courier clients should receive a high level of service and an exclusive, convenient delivery process.

In addition, we offer online tracking, so you’ll know exactly where your parcel is at any one time. We’ll send an instant proof of delivery (POD) as soon as your parcel has been received and you can now have automated collection and delivery notifications sent to multiple emails – ideal for business teams.

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