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Covid Test Results Courier Service

Our Covid Test Courier Service has been introduced to speed up the Covid testing process by ensuring test kits reach the laboratory as quickly and safely as possible.

Reasons to use our Covid Test Courier Service

TV, Film and Media

Right now, many people working on the sets of TV, film and media shoots are required to return a negative PCR test. Our team of Covid test couriers are supporting the on-set medics by collecting test kits and safely delivering them to nominated laboratories. Quick results not only provide peace of mind, but also the continuation of business in this most hard-hit entertainment sector.

For Essential Travel

Rapid testing is essential for anyone needing to travel in a Covid world. It's also likely to be a requirement for future travel. That's why a courier can be essential to speed up the return of results. We collect from homes and businesses, delivering tests safely and securely to laboratories and speeding up the entire process.

Where mandatory isolation is required, usually where an individual has returned from abroad, a test result can shorten the quarantine period. We'll collect and drop off test kits to shorten waiting times and provide those all-important Covid test results.

For Sport

Under current guidance, elite sport is permitted to continue albeit with regular testing of players and officials. Here at Speedel, we support sport by delivering and collecting test kits quickly in order to provide a clear picture and facilitate a safer sporting environment.

For Business

Where employees cannot work from home, employers are looking at ways to increase workplace safety. One of the ways being rolled out in some workplaces is regular, mass testing. Whether for building sites or office blocks, our Covid test courier service can drop off and collect test kits for lab delivery.

For Education

Regular testing in educational establishments can help to identify and control infection rates among staff and students alike. It can also promote a safe environment and limit learning interruptions. Our courier services serve both state and private establishments, delivering and collecting test kits and ensuring rapid results.

Advantages of our Covid Test Courier Service

Get peace of mind

Whether you have symptoms or simply require a Covid test result as a formality for work or travel, we'll help you get your results and peace of mind quickly.

Get your test results quickly

Our experienced couriers recognise the urgency of returning a Covid test result. That's why using a specialist Covid test courier will ensure your test is delivered direct to your nominated laboratory so you get the results as quickly as possible.

Trust a healthcare specialist courier

Here at Speedel, we have extensive experience working in the healthcare and medical field. This means our drivers are already well practised in everything from Covid-secure measures when handling test results through to experience working with laboratories.

Easy to book, easy to trace

Whether you need to arrange a Covid test courier for one test or one hundred, you can book quickly and easily via the Speedel website. Once booked, our couriers will arrange rapid collection of your test kits and you'll be able to track our progress via GPS tracking. As with all our services, you'll receive instant proof of delivery once your test kit has arrived at its destination.

Need to access our Covid Test Results Courier Service?

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Our couriers continue to operate safe practices including social distancing and PPE.

Call 0333 772 2021 or email to learn more or request a quote.


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