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Healthcare Courier Services During Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, healthcare workers across the country are working hard to fight the global Covid-19 pandemic. With UK coronavirus cases on the rise, the race is on to get healthcare supplies and protective equipment to where they are needed most. With new hospital facilities being created and companies changing their daily operations to assist in the fight against coronavirus, here's how a same day healthcare courier like Speedel can help with urgent logistical needs.

Replenishment and restocking of PPE

There has been much talk in the media around the availability of PPE for frontline health workers. PPE plays a vital role in protecting NHS staff, particularly when fighting an infectious disease like Covid-19. Keeping hospitals, surgeries, laboratories and other healthcare institutions stocked with PPE is a never-ending task at the best of times, never mind when fighting a nationwide epidemic with limited supplies. With the increased demand and a potentially reduced logistics workforce, we can help deliver stocks of PPE around the country with very little notice.

Hospital consumables and equipment delivery

It’s not just traditional hospitals that require regular replenishment of consumables and equipment. As hospital wards are forced to extend within their current premises and new hospitals open up in non-traditional venues such as the Excel in London, the need to deliver large amounts of consumables and equipment is rising. Ventilators and medical machines are another hugely important piece of equipment being used in the coronavirus war. With companies like Dyson getting involved in the manufacturing of ventilator machines, we can help to deliver parts and machinery wherever it needs to be.

Patient records and x-rays

Where a patient has been transferred to a new treatment centre, or a second opinion is required, patient records may be required at a different location. We can safely transport these records where they need to be, ultimately helping medical professionals to review the records without delay. We can also help the healthcare sector with regular administration tasks that may have been affected by coronavirus and limited resources.

Pharmacy delivery

Pharmacists support the work of clinics right across the country and provide a vital role in the UK’s communities. They are important particularly for those most vulnerable, who are perhaps on long term medication with repeat prescriptions. Where a pharmacy needs to deliver to a residential home or other establishments, we can be used to facilitate this important transportation need. This is an extremely important service to ensure those most at risk from coronavirus are shielded, and that care homes and other establishments can manage underlying conditions.

Clinical trial samples

Research is one of the key phases named by the government in the fight against coronavirus.  Vaccine and treatment trials are hugely important in the prevention, diagnosis and eventual treatment of Covid-19. We're on hand to deliver clinical trial samples to laboratories, and also help with the safe transportation of results and findings.

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