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Choosing a Same Day Courier

Choosing a same day courier is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business. OK, so that may sound a little dramatic but it’s true.

Why? Well, a same day courier is a vital part of your production line, ensuring your customers receive their goods in good condition, on time and in a friendly and professional manner. In many cases, the customer will see the courier as part of your own business, and a bad experience could result in the loss of future sales or negative feedback. Check out the statistics on same day delivery.

In this article, we’ve pulled together the top things to consider when choosing a same day courier.


You’ll want a same day courier service well able to cater for YOUR needs, rather than you having to fit in when it suits them. Choose a same day courier that collects your packages quickly – here at Speedel, we collect within 60 minutes, and also a courier that can respond to your needs quickly rather than having to wait a day or two.


Remember, the courier will be delivering your goods to your clients. For this reason, you’ll want them to convey the same professional image as you do – this includes a smart and appropriate appearance. With many industries such as the aerospace and pharmaceuticals sectors having strict security measures, ensure the courier carries proper identification badges too.


The best same day courier services have full insurance cover so you can have total peace of mind when sending your parcels. Essentially, this means that all of the documents and packages you send with the courier service are insured but it’s always worth checking the amount for which your package is insured up to.

Tracking and proof of delivery

Technology is changing the way we send and receive packages.

Online tracking is available from the majority of same day courier services, and here at Speedel our tracking service even comes with a time stamp log at every stage. Knowing where a consignment is at every step, means you can let the recipient know a more accurate time of delivery too. It’s always advisable to choose a same day courier that provides instant proof of delivery and captures electronic signatures for extra security.


Customer testimonials

In a world where customer reviews and feedback are just a click away, it’s easier than ever to check out what other people think about a particular same day courier. From social media to website testimonials, do your homework before you book.


This is quite a broad topic but choose a same day courier with experience. This includes experience of delivering packages and providing a professional level of customer service, and also having knowledge of the best routes in an area to manage deliveries and time estimates effectively. Having a same day courier with experience in your industry is particularly valuable in the aerospace, print & display, medical, legal, and automotive sectors.

Value for money

Finally, you’ll want a same day courier that offers transparent and reasonable pricing for your business. While the cheapest option may not necessarily be the best, the company should provide you with a clear pricing structure that enables you to budget accordingly for your delivery requirements.



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