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Sameday Courier Services For Start-Ups

Sameday Courier Services For Start-Ups Ecommerce is big business. In fact, online B2B sales via a website amounted to 133.6 billion British pounds in 2017 alone, with B2C sales topping 145.6 billion British pounds in the same year. That’s an annual increase of 25 billion British pounds for B2B and 23.1 billion British pounds for B2C, […]

More Global Brands Embrace Sameday Delivery

Krispy Kreme has become the latest brand to announce home delivery capabilities, planning to roll out nationwide delivery across the United States at the end of February. The popular brand will send boxed coffee and doughnuts by the dozen with a delivery fee of $4.99. This is just the latest brand to recognise and embrace […]

What Is Dedicated Delivery?

The Benefits of Dedicated Delivery Dedicated delivery means only your consignment is carried onboard a vehicle at any one time. While many couriers claim to provide dedicated delivery, their vehicles are often carrying multiple items for different clients. This means items can take longer to arrive at their intended destination and can even be delivered […]

Choosing a Sameday Courier

Choosing a Sameday Courier Choosing a sameday courier is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business. OK, so that may sound a little dramatic but it’s true. Why? Well, a same day courier is a vital part of your production line, ensuring your customers receive their goods in good condition, on […]

2020 Same-Day Delivery Trends in the eCommerce Sector

Online retail and same-to-next-day delivery has been an increasing trend over recent years, and this trend shows no signs of slowing in 2020. With supply and demand continuing to increase, we’ve pulled together some of the most considerable same-day delivery trends for retail this year. In case you missed it, check out how technology is changing […]

Get ready for Christmas with Speedel

Christmas is upon us once again. This year, it won’t just be Santa Claus making deliveries on Christmas Day. We’re available throughout the festive period, including all bank holidays, to help with those important Christmas sameday deliveries. Last minute Christmas sameday deliveries for business With so much to prepare for at this time of year, […]

The State of Same-Day Delivery in the Consumer Sector

The State of Same-Day Delivery in the Consumer Sector With 49% of shoppers naming the offer of same-day delivery as a temptation to make an online purchase, it’s certainly time for retailers to take note. What’s more, 25% of shoppers would abandon an online cart where same-day delivery was not a possibility. These two statistics […]

10 Reasons To Use A Sameday Courier

10 Reasons To Use A Sameday Courier Ever had those days in your business where you need something delivered immediately, such as a legal document or retail product? When customers are in the same city, county or even country, why should they wait days to get it through the mail? In an age where customers […]

Automated Sameday Delivery: The Future of Logistics

Automated Sameday Delivery: The Future of Logistics Automated sameday delivery is a hot topic across the logistics and courier sector. In today’s modern world, automation is commonplace in many warehouses and ports. The use of data-driven software to improve operational efficiency makes sense, and it’s not going away any time soon. Whether it’s advanced package […]