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Automated Same Day Delivery: The Future of Logistics

Automated same day delivery is a hot topic across the logistics and courier sector. In today's modern world, automation is commonplace in many warehouses and ports. The use of data-driven software to improve operational efficiency makes sense, and it's not going away any time soon.

Whether it's advanced package labelling or streamlining warehouse sorting systems, automation is offering a huge variety of solutions for the logistics industry. For us, automated same day delivery has become a hugely important part of our business.

The port of Rotterdam is one standout success story in the adoption of automation. The port’s fully-automated container terminals use computer- programmed stacking cranes to unload cargo in ways that increase production, improve handling performance and reduce labour costs. The benefits are considerable too. The Wall Street Journal estimates that automation allows the Dutch port to increase overall productivity by as much as 30 percent.

While automated vehicles, robots and drones may be a concern for traditionalists, they are no doubt vital to the future of the courier and logistics industry. For industries like aerospace, where efficient processes and a slick delivery network is vital to its success, automation is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Speedel's approach to automated same day delivery

As a modern forward-thinking courier, we at Speedel are keen to take advantage of intuitive, automated technologies. Our automated approach includes:

Intuitive booking process

We've been working hard on our booking process to make it even more intuitive and automated for our customers. You'll notice features such as the address lookup field for both collection and delivery. There's also the opportunity to create "saved addresses" for those frequent collection and drop-off locations.


Automated real-time GPS tracking allows our clients to follow their consignment every step of the way. A time-stamped audit trail will be sent to you and your team. You can track your parcel by entering your consignment number into the website.

Instant proof-of-delivery (POD)

Our system sends you and your team an automated proof-of-delivery complete with electronic signatures once your consignment has been delivered.

Automate scheduled deliveries

If you're sending frequent deliveries, why not schedule your parcels in advance? That way, you'll enjoy peace of mind that your delivery is booked. Our automated system means you can schedule regular deliveries quickly and easily.

Automation with the human touch

While automation is clearly the future, we believe customer service should never be compromised. Here at Speedel, we get to know our customers. We believe finding a balance between automation, technology and customer service is key to overall success.



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