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Same Day Couriers & The Aerospace Industry

The UK aerospace sector is the largest in Europe, second only to the United States. In 2016 the industry’s trade association, ADS Group, reported sales of £31.8bn. This is an expansion of 39pc in just five years, with 90pc of sales made to organisations outside of UK borders.

This is beneficial to the economy in a number of ways and the UK is Boeing’s third-largest source of supply in the world, after the US and Japan. The industry is responsible for 123,000 direct employees as well as the 118,000 jobs created in the support chain.

An industry of this size and importance requires a serious courier solution to keep parts and documentation moving through the supply chain.

A Regional Industry

The south-west of England performs particularly strongly when it comes to aerospace. However, hubs exist right across the UK meaning suppliers rely on a collaborative approach to their partnerships.

Whether an important piece of legal documentation or vital mechanical parts, each item needs to be transported efficiently and securely. For this reason, aerospace companies rely on courier services both in the UK and also across Europe and the world that can provide a safe, secure and trustworthy service.

The Role Of Automation

Companies in this space are already automating tasks and processes. This looks set to continue across all areas of aerospace and defence.

Being able to book courier services electronically is important to those in the sector and a reliable GPS “track and trace” service is also highly desirable.

Speedel’s intuitive booking system allows aerospace businesses to book their collection and delivery quickly, and then track their consignment every step of the way. Finally, instant proof-of-delivery emails confirm the safe arrival of an item.

A Trusted Courier Partner - Without The Turbulence

Speedel has worked hard over recent years to provide a solution geared around the needs of the aerospace sector. That’s why so many businesses trust us to deliver aerospace fasteners, parts for subcontract processing, turbine components and more. Whether ad-hoc or scheduled collection, we can even work to pre-agreed daily and weekly contract runs. Small, valuable and extremely urgent consignments can also be shipped using our on-board courier service.

The aerospace industry is a jewel in the crown of the UK economy, producing innovative and ground-breaking aircraft, new technology and ultimately contributing to the country’s wealth. However, with high exports and numerous suppliers in the chain, a reliable and effective courier service is an essential component in ensuring this industry continues to fly high.



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