About Us

Speedel provides bespoke Sameday delivery solutions to our entire client base. We operate 24/7 and 365 to provide rapid-response delivery support for companies both small and large.

Urgent and business-critical deliveries are what we specialise in. If it must be there in a hurry, you can trust Speedel to deliver it. Our professional and experienced Sameday couriers are ready to collect your urgent consignments at a moment’s notice. With a fleet of modern delivery cars and small and large vans strategically located, we can collect within 60 minutes of your order.

Whether it’s AOG (‘Aircraft on Ground’) parts for an aerospace client, urgent supplies for healthcare organisations, an urgent outfit for a last minute occasion or a critical tender for a vital contract, trust Speedel to collect quickly and deliver safely.

Our Mission

To provide the finest delivery solutions for our client base by maintaining the highest ethical standards, embracing diversity and focusing on quality. By doing this we can positively impact our customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Core Values

We are driven by our values.

Integrity is our firm adherence to moral and ethical principles, and the foundational element of trust and discipline.

We deliver world class Quality and consistently offer fresh ideas to better serve our customers.

Customer Focus forms the foundation for every decision and strategy we implement – to ensure customers are at the centre of all our actions, activities and decisions.

Teamwork enables us to achieve more by working together towards a common goal.