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A Guide to Document Courier Services

You've probably heard of "document courier services", most likely when you're frantically searching online to ship a time-critical contract or send paperwork to complete a legal process.

But what exactly does a document courier do, who uses them and what types of document courier services are available? Here's our essential guide to this unique and important delivery offering.

What is a document courier?

A document courier typically provides same day, overnight or next day delivery of time-sensitive, important or confidential documents.

Why use a document courier?

Whether it's a legal case or house sale, documents and contracts can hold up an entire process. Document couriers provide an important service, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of time-critical or sensitive documentation. They can even return the documents to the sender once they've been signed.

Most often, banks, government departments, schools and law firms use secure document couriers.

Same day document courier

Where a document or contract requires same day delivery, a courier like Speedel can help. This is particularly important for certain court documents, real estate contracts or healthcare records, and is often required following an unforeseen or urgent situation. A same day document courier can collect your documents often within the hour, ensuring they reach their destination that very same day.

Next day document courier

For documents that don't necessarily require same day delivery yet are still time-sensitive, a next day document courier can be a life saver. You'll typically have to book delivery by a certain time on the previous day. Here at Speedel, we offer full flexibility and can often take a next day booking right up until midnight on the previous evening.

While Royal Mail and many other retail providers offer next day delivery, high value or sensitive documents are generally safer with the dedicated service of a next day document courier.

As a general rule, the earlier you arrange next day delivery for your documents, the earlier your items will be shipped and received.

Sending documents abroad

Where a document needs to be shipped abroad, you'll need to find a document courier with the capabilities and network to fulfil your requirements. You'll also benefit from a courier that has extensive knowledge of shipping to your destination country, to navigate any necessary legal and customs information that might be required. If sending by road, you'll need to factor in the time it will take as well as any delays the courier may encounter.

Here at Speedel, we provide UK-European express courier services week in, week out. We can guide you on what documentation is required and what isn't.

On board hand carry document courier

If the need to send documents abroad is particularly urgent, an on board hand carry document courier may be a better option. This option involves flying your document to a worldwide destination under the watchful eye of a representative.

Here at Speedel, our hand carry service is used for very important or time-sensitive documents needing the utmost level of safety and security. Essentially, our representative will escort your document from the UK to any global destination, ensuring it reaches its destination quickly and safely.

If you're working with international clients, we can provide on board or same day international courier services to ensure you get the information and signatures required to do business.

Sending a passport by post

One of the most common documents requiring urgent courier services is a passport. Whether you're at the airport and have forgotten your airline documents, have lost but located your passport, or need to provide ID as part of a legal or contractual process.

Sending confidential and sensitive documents

The key reason for choosing a document courier is typically increased confidentiality and safety. While Royal Mail and other mainstream providers offer delivery services, the sheer importance and/or value of these documents means a more secure option is required.

Try to choose a provider that offers "dedicated delivery", meaning your documents are the only thing being carried by that courier at that time. This prevents delays and also offers further reassurance.

Court papers, contracts and other legal documents often require urgent call-up or multiple signatories. That's why here at Speedel we spend a large amount of time securely delivering legal documents across the UK and beyond.

Tracking a document delivery

Due to the importance and sensitive nature of most documents being shipped by courier, it's essential that you employ a trackable service like Speedel.

Speedel tracking page
Speedel - an international document courier

Speedel is a 24/7 international document courier with experience across a number of corporate sectors. We provide a transparent, trackable and affordable document delivery service that is fully dedicated to your consignment (we only carry your documents). We can also provide on board hand carry and international transportation on that very same day or the immediate next day.


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