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A Guide to Car Part Courier Services

While a "car parts courier" does exactly what it says on the tin, there's more to this important service than first meets the eye. The automotive industry is changing quickly and consumer demands and the need for more eco-friendly vehicles is expected to shape the coming years. If you're involved in the industry, here's an essential guide to car parts courier services and why they're so vital.

Keeping the UK Automotive Industry on the road

Firstly, it's important to highlight the importance of the sector. The UK automotive industry is an essential part of the UK economy worth more than £78.9 billion in turnover and adding £15.3 billion value to the UK economy.

The industry is one of the country's top employers too, with 180,000 employed directly in manufacturing and a further 864,000 working in the wider automotive sector.

Over 1.3 million cars , 78,270 commercial vehicles and 2.5 million engines were built in the UK in 2019 alone, and more than 30 manufacturers build in excess of 70 vehicle models here. In addition, 2,500 component providers and some of the world’s most skilled engineers work in areas such as R&D.

What is a car parts courier?

A car parts courier is a term often used to describe a courier that services the automotive industry. Speedel is an automotive specialist, transporting a host of components including spare parts, bumpers, bonnets, interior and exterior trims, grilles and more. As with any courier service, there are restrictions on what can and can’t be sent via a courier. Mostly. these restrictions apply to hazardous or toxic substances and fluids.

Why use a car parts courier?

The most popular reason for using a car parts courier service is to keep the automotive supply chain moving. Manufacturers require a timely, secure and trackable solution to move often high value or vital components. A reputable car parts courier can be an essential link in the production of vehicles.

International car parts courier services

Eight out of 10 cars produced in the UK are exported overseas to 160 different markets worldwide. It's not just cars that get exported. UK manufacturers frequently ship car parts to the continent and further afield. Likewise, UK manufacturers will occasionally require incoming car parts.

What can be shipped with a car parts courier?

Typically, a car parts courier like Speedel is able to ship items including:

(1) Alloys
(2) Exhausts
(3) Trims
(4) Exhausts
(5) Car doors and windows
(6) Door panels
(7) Engine components

What can't be shipped with a car parts courier?

Engine oil, petrol and brake fluid

Most automotive and car parts couriers have restrictions on flammable liquids and so typically will not carry engine oil, brake fluid or petrol.

Engine parts that contain petrol or engine oil

Most car parts couriers will request that any engine parts requiring shipping are fully drained and completely dry and clean before being packaged. Again, this is largely for safety due to the presence of toxic and flammable fluids.

How to pack items for a car parts courier

A reputable car parts courier like Speedel will offer plenty of advice about the best way to package your shipment. Packaging is one of the most important parts of sending or receiving car parts or components and some items may require specialised packaging. Environmental and sustainability issues also come into play.

Larger items such as car bumpers will require specialist packaging and cushioning to protect them during transit. It's also advisable to seek out "dedicated delivery" couriers, like Speedel, who will only carry your shipment onboard (as opposed to multiple loads).

Looking for a car parts courier?

Look no further! Here at Speedel, we're a tried and tested partner for many in the automotive sector. We frequently distribute car parts, trims and alloys, and other vehicle components (from light bulbs to windscreen wipers) to facilitate the manufacturing process.

We provide dedicated delivery as standard and you'll be able to track your shipment throughout its journey with proof of delivery sent directly to your inbox on arrival. Our 24/7 365 service means you can access a car parts courier at a time convenient for you, and we'll collect within the hour.

Call us on 0333 772 2021 or email to learn more about our automotive and car parts courier service.


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