Why 60-Minute Collections Should Be The Sameday Courier Standard

Why 60-Minute Collections Should Be The Sameday Courier Standard

As a responsible sameday courier, we promise to collect all Sameday parcels within 60 minutes. Impressive, right? Well, we think it’s essential rather than impressive, and even believe this should be an industry standard.

Think about it for a moment. The very reason you’re opting for a Sameday service is likely because the consignment or document is important, confidential or urgent. Why on earth should you be left waiting for hours on end just to have the parcel collected?

With the average office working day running until around 5 or 6pm, it makes sense that your package is sent on its way as soon as possible in order to reach its destination before the end of the business day.

While some companies claim to offer instant collection, in reality customers are left waiting with no set collection time. This can add to anxiety or issues between business and client, and result in a situation where the parcel arrives late to its destination.

The sameday courier is a concept established to add convenience for a business. It’s for this reason that Speedel believes 60-minute collection rates should be industry standard.

Dedicated delivery

Here at Speedel we believe dedicated delivery means dedicated delivery and offer this exclusivity as standard to our clients. This means no additional delays to Sameday deliveries and further contributes to parcels arriving as soon as possible.

UK-wide couriers

One of the ways we ensure our 60-minute collection promise is kept, is to have experienced, professional and reliable drivers ready and waiting in all parts of the country. This allows us to quickly assign your Sameday delivery to a driver and arrange quick collection.

All our drivers are experienced sameday couriers and are used to handling sensitive or confidential documents and parcels. We’re fully insured too and offer online tracking, so you know exactly where your parcel is at any one time.

You’ll be the first to know when it arrives too, with an instant proof-of-delivery sent to your email inbox.

Around the clock and every day of the year

While many sameday couriers will need to be made before close of business on a particular day, others may be suitable for overnight shipping. Our 24/7, 365 days a week approach means we’re ready and waiting to serve your business needs as required.


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